Today in the city Port Hope 15.11.2019

Unboxing kayu Bajakah Asli Dari Kalimantan Tengah.

BidaraArab #BidaraIndia #BidaraChina.

4 Tips to Help Identify & Manage An Underactive Thyroid

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and autoimmune disease Hashimoto are often similar to those of other health conditions, and because ...

#dab on the hater My toys

dab on the haters or else.

Cool music

Listen to the music Songs: Riding.


If your reading this pinkbunnygirl43 I want more speedpaints of foxheart pls.

Pie Face Showdown Event With Whipping Cream

Three teachers go on head-to-head in a competition to see who gets hit with cream in the face the most using a classic Pie In The Face game, only with whipping ...

Port Hope Golf Course 2019

2020 will be an exciting year for Port Hope Golf Course. In the Summer, we will be opening 7 new holes south of the tracks along Lake Ontario.

2019 Rogue SV AWD Tech Pkg.

A TECH LOVER'S DREAM! Amazing Find!!! Features Nissan's ProPilot Assist; A Semi-Autonomous-Like Driving System. Plus, features like ALL-WHEEL DRIVE, ...

2016 Nissan Murano SL! GN137264

This 2016 Murano SL has V6 Power with all the features! Beautiful PANORAMIC MOONROOF, NAVIGATION, REMOTE START, HEATED SEATS AND WHEEL ...

カナダ オンタリオ おすすめスポット 鮭川登り Port Hope Salmon Run

This video is about Salmon Run.

Canada Geese Still In The Area

I was out the other day, and happen to see a couple of Canada Goose in the area. Even though the weather ranges from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius, there are ...

2019 salmon fishing

Got a 1 day fishing license, but not allowed to fish. Me and my boy went to far and knowing it's the end of the fishing season. People from Port Hope need to relax ...

Halloween Trick Or Treat Event Gets Larger Part 2

Filmed around 5:40 pm. The number of kids going around trick-or-treating even though it's not even Halloween has increased by at least 15x more. The problem ...

Halloween Trick Or Treat Event In Port Hope Tonight?

Just now, kids are going around Port Hope dressed up in costumes, and trick-or-treating. It is an event going on according to some people I asked. However ...

My dream

This is a video about my dream.

2016 Tech Pkg. Rogue only 18000kms!!!!

Pesca del salmón / pêche au saumon

Vacaciones 2019.

2018 Rogue SL Platinum!

Only 30000km's!

2019 Federal Election: DON'T tell me to vote!

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10 Tips For Work Life Balance

Work life balance can be a tricky tight rope to walk. In this vlog, Norm talks about 10 Tips For Work Life Balance for a business owner with a family. Let us know if ...

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Mobile Movie Review

I do really like this movie. Even though some people don't, this movie makes me want to watch all of the super hero movies in this timeline, because Iron Man ...

Port hope ganaraska river salmon run

Salmon in the fall.

The besties

Atlantic Salmon Going Up The Ganaraska River

I saw a large amount of Atlantic Salmon trying to make their way up the river to breed. Found some dead fish, and also some birds in the area near the old factory ...

Snatch with Burpees Challenge

Do you want a workout that works 600 muscles at the same time? Do you want a workout that raises your heart rate sky rocketing? Do you want a workout that ...

Unidentified lights over Coburg Ontario

Coburg Ontario October 9th 2019 8:26pm to roughly 10pm ish. Animals ran towards lights. Lights made strange noise. Came down from high in sky and moved ...

Return to the Gentle Sea by Michael Lanfield with Music by Dr. Will Tuttle, PhD (Full Audiobook)

Audiobook coming soon to Amazon Audible. Support the work. Get the high-quality audiobook, ebook or print copy of Return to the Gentle Sea: For the Love ...



Large Numbers Of Salmon Going Up Corbett's Dam

Just recently, starting last week, large numbers of salmon, such as the Chinook salmon, Atlantic salmon and Coho salmon are making their way upstream the ...

Hooked on the look. I'll never stop modifying my body!

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鮭魚回流 (水壩引道)


鮭魚回流 (水壩全景)

每年的9月中到9月底是鮭魚回流的季節,利用週末到距離多倫多東邊100 公里的小鎮Port Hope 看鮭魚回流. 鮭魚從Ontario Lake 沿著Ganaraska River 一直往...

16 Ford F-250 Diesel XLT FX4!

440HP & 860 ft lb Torque!

2011 Nissan Altima SL

My Experience With Cacao With Michael Lanfield

The Dark Side of Chocolate Truly Vegan Chocolate from Food Empowerment Project ...

2012 6 speed Nissan Versa!

Stand With Environmentalist Greta Thunberg

To learn more, read my new book Return to the Gentle Sea: For the Love That Lives in Everyone with foreword by Mango Wodzak and don't forget to write an ...

The Game Changers Vegan Documentary Review

The Game Changers Documentary I forgot to mention that this was also a great film because it also touched on the ...

Rehearsing for The Hobbit at the Capitol Theatre, Port Hope

Training for battle! Stage fight coach David Leyshon (centre) works with The Hobbit goblins, Marc Ludwig (left) and Jamie Raymond (right), for the Capitol's ...

Рыбалка Канада


Checking The Scoville Heat Unit Of The Hot Spicy Chicken Flavor Noodles + 10 Spiciest Peppers

While dealing with loud noises around me, I checked the Scoville Heat Units of each Hot Chicken Flavor Noodle by Samyang. I then compared the SHU levels to ...

PASA Lore Teaser Trailer

PASA (Aeronautical & Space Administration) is responsible for a variety of things, from missions to other planets, to the recovery of fallen satellites and ...

Problems in Relationships With Low Self-Esteem and Self Love

So I thought I will address a problem that one of my friends Victoria and others might have. I hope you learn something from this. If you have any comments, tips ...

Mario Kart Love Song


Port hope salmon run 2019

Port hope salmon run 2019, this is at the dam and it was full of thousands of salmon.

Vlog 12 - Port Hope, ON

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Steve & Kenny take on Olympus Burgers “Labour of Hercules “

Salmon Run @ Ganaraska River

Salmon Run @ Ganaraska River.

Port Hope's Selfie Spots

A tourist's guide to Port Hope's Selfie Spots! \\I create videos as a hobby! Thank you SO much for watching! Remember to like this video and subscribe if you ...


Weather in the city Port Hope the week
         What is the weather in Port Hope will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question